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Here are some of our past litters. Please reach out if you're interested in adopting!

John S.

"Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend Duck Duck Frenchie to any[one]. They are the type of breeders that ALL breeders should strive to become. Before we left, Sunny gave us a big bag of the food she had been feeding Henry and the other pups. She also gave the medical records from the first two shot appointments"


"My family and I have FIVE of their Frenchies because the puppies are so extremely well loved from birth....If you are considering a Frenchie I can NOT express how strongly you should use Duck Duck Frenchie!!!!"

Sarah P.

"I purchased my sweet yorkie back in December and had the greatest experience. As a first time dog owner, the breeders walked me through every step. From the moment I met my puppy and gave her a name she was referred to as such and I was given numerous updates on her leading up to pickup day. All the help was greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!"

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